Dungeons and Dragons 3.5 (Home brew Campaign)

Player Characters:
Amelie – wild elven druid
Kaine – half-orc barbarian with a vow of poverty
Norn – chaos dragonblooded artificer
Samson – green dragonblooded Whirling Dervish/Dragonhunter
Thea – half elven monk-favored soul of Bahamut
Vyth Levethix, Last of the Orn Vaecaesin – silver dragonblooded sorcerer
Xellos – a mysterious stranger

Notable NPCs:
Bahamut – God of the Good Dragons
Tiamut – the Burninator, God of the Evil Dragons
glittergloom – Shadow Dragon Ascendant
Clymestria – silver dragon lich
Laraek Sunathaerux Riathax tibur kepesk – a Dragonborn of Bahamut

Notable Rule Sets: Weapon Familiars, Sword Forms, Draconic Name Dictionary

Dragon Isle

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