Dragon Isle

Into The Drake Pit

On the way to The Drake Pit our party came across a body being pickled in the swamp. Whilst inspecting the body Xellos appeared out of nowhere, as per usual, only this time he was traveling with a companion. i greenish skinned elf named Samson. They both seemed eager to to join in out foray into the drake pit to kill what i know assumed to be a black dragon. I also called forth a mist shortly after this time to give us cover should we need to flee the cavern in the event we were unprepared fro what we may be facing.

Within the cavern we found an underground pool with a hoard piled in the middle on a small island. After some well placed taunts the dragon finally surfaced from beneath the water surface and attacked. We quickly had him on the run and he began evading our attacks far more than attempting his own. it was however curious as he kept making strange remarks about how this was his hoard he found it, and that we shouldn’t keep bothering him. at least something to this effect. its hard to remember during the confusion of battle. then when i was sure we had him beat all light was removed from the cavern and the dragon slinked back into the icy waters and from what Xellos says escaped through its watery entrance. it now seems we must wait till this darkness subsides so that we can find our way out and hunt down our foe.


Elminx Hali4x

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