Dragon Isle

Kaine and the Drake Pit

It’s dark now, so I have time to think. Jonathan told us which was to go but he didn’t come with us ‘cuase he’s a coward. We went down into a swamp, a real swamp with real water, and we found a dead guy in the water. We were going to bury him but we couldn’t ‘cause all the real water in the real swamp kept filling in the hole. So Vyth said to leave him and we’d be back so I sat him up next to a tree. Then we went into a hole that Vyth said was a Drake Pit, but not the guy named Drake, I think he’s a cat person. Well his mother is, but I don’t know about his father, but I don’t think his father is an orc like my father. And I don’t think his father is a dragon either, and that what drake means I guess. It means dragon.

Oh and Xellos and some other guy showed up.

Anyway, we went into the cave and there was treasure and I started to pick it up and Vyth told me to hurry up and then a black dragon came out. Norn fell in th water and we got hit by dragon-breath and I would have tried to get him out but he got out OK first. The dragon was really dumb and didn’t talk, just roared at us a bunch. I think Vyth roared back at it. It seemed scared and flew around instead of coming down to fight.I threw my javilins and then someone (Thea?) put a hand on me and told me to just walk up there and hit it, so I did. The dragon didn’t like that, and then everything got dark. I walked into a storm (it was cold, I should have had my sweater on). Now it’s dark and Xellos said the dragon left.


Elminx CaPiCoPsYcHo

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