Dragon Isle

Kaine's Recap, Part 1

Before I met these guys, Celestra and I got captured by these dragon worshipers. They looked like elves but their skin was all black and stuff. After I broke us out, I helped Vyth Levethix and the others kill them. Vyth says they worshiped She Who Cannot Be Named, the Burninator. Except “the Burninator isn’t her name, but that’s what we call her so we don’t say it. She’s the leader of the dragons, which are real, but they’re not all evil, and I guess she just leads the evil ones. This guy Bahamut is the god of good dragons. I like him except that he says I don’t really love women, which is not true. Oh yeah, so after I saved these guys, we decided not to steal the dragon’s treasure and we went outside and found a baby winged horse named Humfry. These guys killed his parents, we adopted him. I want to be clear that I didn’t kill Humfry’s parents.I don’t think Vyth would do something like that, it was probably Nessy. I guess I’ve probably killed people or things that had kids, and if I knew about it I would adopt the kids, cause I like kids and that’s why I’m going to start the Orphanarium. I have a bunch of kids and the ones I know about I take care of. We met this other girl named Thea who I guess used to be dead but I never saw her dead. I think everyone else knew that she used to be dead, except Celestra cuase she was with me. Now she’s not though and I hope she’s not dead, but she got eated by a tree and after that she disappeared from her bed again so I don’t know. Hmmm, maybe it was a Nightmare? On the way back to the city we helped some people, but Vyth wouldn’t take any money except one coin each, and he didn’t even keep his. I kept mine but I’m not going to spend it, cuase it got me thinking about what do I need money for? It’s only good for giving to my kids or saving for retirement and I’m going to take all my money and start an Orhanarium. When the Orhanarium is finished then I’ll use the coin that Vyth gave me, but not before. I lost all my money when we got robbed in the dark by winged things but not that coin cause I kepted it safe. Anyway back in town we had to find these some people and one was a dragon killer which is a dumb job when there are no dragons around and kind of a dumb job even then there are cause it’s dangerous but it pays well. So we looked in the sewer and I gave some kids some corned beef. We looked for some other people and we found this temple where I met the Winds, which are kind of like gods and they’re kind of different in different places, but I think they’re the same somehow. My friends were looking for mages or priests and I think I know the difference now but I didn’t then. We fought some dragons and they attacked the city cause I don’t think the king really wanted a dragon egg. So now he’s mad at the dragonslayer and sick. That’s the king. There’s a queen to but she’s in a place called Tiger-nal which is a city but not THE city.

I’m going to stop now because it hurts to remember and talk so much, but not as bad as when I had that sword the winds gave me.


Elminx CaPiCoPsYcHo

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