Dragon Isle

Thea looks around

ick, this place is gross. Where am I? (Thea absentmindedly fingers the scale pattern tracing the outer lines of her arms from smallest fingers to earlobes, silver jingles with the uncertain wavering of her tendrils) This place is not a good place… I don’t like it here. I can’t even remember how to heal properly.. This plane makes me feel like a shadow, and I don’t even feel like I could grow my wings here. At least the scales are pretty, yes pretty. Ouuuu, treasure? (examines things in [[:norn | Norn]]’s lap) But you broke it! You aren’t supposed to break treasure. But the pieces are sort of shiny.. . . . . Well, that was distracting. I wonder what all the talk about elephants was about? I think I remember elephants. It seems so far away.. even that part of me is distant here.

*bristle Reds! (hiss) Oh No! Vyth Levethix!! That Sampson character is rather unsavory – all arguments and dragging off Vyth just when I might be able help him, or mourn him at least. How I got back by his side, I’m not sure, but by the grace of Bahamut it happened. [[:xellos | Xellos]] must have some seriously powerful magic – raising the dead? I know he was dead.. he had to have been. I felt it. But, he is better now. I guess? I still feel the need for one more heal for good measure. Oh dear, everyone else is in some serious trouble too.. Norn keeps blinking around, but she managed to stay tangled up in those tendrils, and Sampson – nearly got himself scorched to death. I guess I should keep my eye on him too, next time. Kaine did well though, he is so strong! Walking right up there and bashing in those Reds faces. I’d like to do more walking on air and bashing in red dragon faces, if everyone else could stay alive long enough… I really need to start paying more attention. Oh, and this guy – I thought Vyth was the last of his kind? I am definitely feeling the dragonsblood. But he seems to be a good man, I wonder what this dragon rider was chasing him for? I suppose we are meddling in some pretty serious stuff here. Fabric of reality and releasing old gods into the world and all that. But Bahamut will guide us, he lights the way and the winds will carry us. Now we just need to follow the line from the crystal, I knew Vyth would be able to feel it. Hopefully there aren’t too many more of those Red riders hunting our new friend, although I guess I should embrace the joy of getting to put down a few (dozen =) ) more of Her minions.


Elminx SheilaPennell

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