Dragon Isle

Welcome to Dry River Bridge

By the grace of Bahamut we seem to be on track again. We seemed to travel directionless for several days before Amelie admitted she could not find the way to our destination. We then just happened to come across a village, Dry River Bridge, where our path once again found purpose. In this village we came across an old acquaintance of ours, Norn, who it seems knows something of plane travel that may aid us in our quest. Then to balance the aid given us a just deed was placed before us to fulfill. Apparently a near by village of elves was set upon by some unknown evil, which the villagers suspect to be a dragon, in part because of the re-appearance of some place called the drake pit.

An orc named Jonathan guided us to the elven village which was worse than the villagers had described. the stench of death was everywhere, and the water tainted with its evil. All of which seemed to emanate from a gallows set up in the square. A gallows meant for one Lavashkish Tenar we were soon to discover, and unused at that. when standing upon the gallows there were five distinct paths of destruction emanating out, a pattern Norn was able to determine came from on point of origin. which leaves one culprit capable of such a feat, Tiamut. Although she is imprisoned alongside the great lord Bahamut. This does not bode well. We set the hearth just outside the elven village and headed towards the drake pit.


Elminx Hali4x

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