Ancient Shadow Dragon


Shadow Dragon Ascendant

Portfolio: Dragons, Conquest, Shadows, Evil

Domains: (Stolen) Luck, Protection, Destruction, Evil, Trickery


An ancient shadow dragon that the party has been warned to avoid by Xellos. Little is known about his other than that he is a creature of great power and influence in the Plane of Shadows and that he has used the life crystal to somehow imprison the great draconic gods Bahamut and Tiamut in a deep slumber in an abandoned magical school in Myrh.

It is obvious that he is using the imprisonment of the two gods to siphon power for himself. Cults dedicated in his name have sprung up all across the Plane of Shadows and his influence may stretch as far as Wyrmshadows and perhaps further. Whether he has managed to siphon enough power from the two gods to attain god status himself in unknown as of yet.


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