Laikvashj Tanar



Lavashkish Tenar (Level 12 Warmage)
Medium Sized Humanoid (Human), CE

Ability Scores: st: 10, Dx: 16, Co: 14, In: 16, Ws: 10, Ch: 19

Saves: Fort +6, Reflex +7, Will +8

Initiative: +3 Speed: 30 ft. BA: +6/+1 AC:

Special Abilities: Advanced Armor (medium), Warmage Edge,

Feats: Sudden Empower, Sudden Enlarge, Twinspell, Energy Substitution (electricity), Energy Admixture (electricity), Repeat Spell, Extra Edge, Extra Slot


Was scheduled to be hung in an elven village near dry river bridge two weeks ago on charges of being a lieing murdering friend of the dark. It would appear that moments before the execution took place Tiamut somehow managed to intervene resulting in the death of all the villagers.

Was on the hunt for Laraek Sunathaerux Riathax tibur kepesk vicaesin but ended up encountering more than he bargained for in the adventuring party and recently met his death. Warned Xellos that Tiamut would not make the same mistake in underestimating them twice.

Laikvashj Tanar

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