Laraek Sunathaerux Riathax tibur kepesk vicaesin



Level 6 Range/ Level 6 Dragonstalker
Adult Medium Sized Dragonborn (elven, dragonblooded)

Background: Thrae

Ability Scores: St: 19, Dx: 14. Co: 18, In:12, Ws: 14, Ch: 10

Saving Throws: Fort +11 Reflex +12 Will +9

Speed: 30 ft./ Fly 30 ft. (Average Maneuverability)

BA: +12/+7/+2

Initiative: +2

Feats: Blind Fight, Power Attack, Improved Two Weapon Fighting, Dragonfire Strike, Wingover, Fly By Attack, Wing Expert, Track, Endurance

Special Abilities: Dragon Aspect Wings, Immunity to Frightful Presence, Favored Enemies: Dragon and Humanoid (Dragonblooded), Wild Empathy, Hunting Bonus, Sneak Attack Dragon (+6d6), Ignore Armor (1/day), Hide Scent

Items of Note: Armor of the Dragonborn, 2 Keen Dragonbane Rapiers, a +5 Ring of Warding, Ktee-seianlowanlyssaa Osear


Laraek comes from a race of elves who lives on the plane of Winds. His people are a gregarious free spirited lot who worship [[:The Wind]] and the Great Father Dragon who commands the winds, nobody really knows where the mythology started, it has just always been so. They live on high vistas which stand out over the nothingness of the plane and fly up great pegusus’ from platform to platform. The greatest danger on the plane of winds, is, of course, the Great Raging Storms and so his people have grown and developed specialized skills in weather manipulation and flying to protect themselves from the forces of nature themselves.

It is said that once or twice in a generation, one of each tribe is chosen to Ascend. At early adolescence the Great Father Dragon himself appears in an ethereal image above their heads while they sleep, and his visage comes to them in a dream. It is always the greatest hunters, the most able bodied that are chosen, and it is a great familial honor for it to be one of your clan. From that moment onwards, that elf has new renewed purpose – he and his Pegasus begin to teach themselves the task of hunting the great wind dragons that stalk the plane of winds, honing their skills at dragon stalking and dragon slaying. They know in their hearts that someday, they will have to fight something more.

Rather than undergoing the traditional rights of initiation, the individual seems to enter some sort of cacoon stage, and the cacoon hardens to resemble that of a dragon shell. When the elf finally breaks free of the shell, the people find that he or she is no longer an elf at all, but a dragon creature out of myth and legend. Scales like white sunlight, blazing silver white wings. Eyes that shine with a renewed fervor. These Dragonborn seem to have little but a sad fondness for the families that they leave behind, and too soon they are little more than a memory, though one greatly celebrated. Sometimes they send home gifts of otherworldly goods that keep their families prosperous for generations, but all too often they are never heard from again. Such is the life of a Dragonborn, and all among the Wind Elves wish for it, even if they do not say so aloud.

Laraek’s background differs slightly from passed Dragonborn, but only in small somewhat inconsequential ways. His people had given up hope that The Great Dragon Father was among them any longer, there had not been a Athear chosen in three full generations. Then one day the celestial spirit of the Great Dragon appeared over his own house, and his family was overjoyed. His mother and sisters were filled with some sorrow at losing their son and brother, but they knew to hide their tears. Laraek wishes to be one of the great Dragonborn who lives for centuries and can provide for his family and their families to come.

He set out, searching out his destiny. Spawn of Tiamut, naturally drawn to his very nature, attacked him at every turn. He almost lost a limb to a Slug Dragon in the pits of the Locks, but the blessing of Bahamut (for at last the voice of the Great Dragon Father had revealed his True Name) was upon him. The voice spoke to him occasionally, often faint as if half asleep, directing him towards a crystal cave deep within the dwelling of a Song Dragon. There he found it, the Horn of Legends, legends that he seemed to have innate knowledge of now though nobody had ever told them to him.

And at last, he has his task. Bring the horn to the Orn Vicaesin, the silver elf. Vyth Levethix, the uncrowned king. Protect him while you can, use the horn if you must. Deliver to him this dire message: he is being hunted by a force he cannot possibly overcome.

Laraek Sunathaerux Riathax tibur kepesk vicaesin

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