Jen's character


Description: Varies; always appearing around mid twenties, a lithe individual. Frequently appears with draconic eyes, one’s scale pattern is in the form of black square spirals on both upper arms.

Age: 180 years old
Gender: N/A
Race: Skhizein Phren
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Class: Artificer 9/Fatespinner 3
Hit Die: d6/d4
Initiative: 2
Abilities: STR 7(mod -1) DEX 13(mod+2) CON 16(mod +3) INT 19(mod +5) WIS 17(mod +4) CHA 15(mod +3)
Saving Throws: Fort +3, Ref +3, Will +6
HP: 75
AC: 12
Base Attack Bonus: +6/+1


Background: A second generation Skhizein Phren, Norn is considerably more stable than either of her parents, both of whom experienced the Merge first hand. Mind you, more stable than a previously sane human being suddenly thrust in to the mind of a Chaos dragon and becoming inadvertently and permanently warped in to a being incapable of maintaining one form is really only a matter of stable by comparison. Iin the very least, Norn has managed to interact with beings outside of the Chaos plane without… too many difficulties. Perhaps the desires of his world spoke to him; perhaps the ever changing nature of the Chaos plane encouraged him to seek out other worlds, other planes; whatever the case, Norn has always possessed a strong wander lust. Through a series of improbable events, she had managed to piece together the components of a dormant portal, scattered across various worlds he’d happened to have been visiting, which then opened to the City of Doors, Sigil, on the inifinite Spire. After promptly exploding in her face the moment he passed through in to Sigil, Norn located a door she believed to be the entrance to the local infirmary- and found himself in the plane of Shadows.


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