Well over six feet and quite muscular, Vergo is an impressive specimen of human-hood. He has spiky straw colored hair, bronze skin and green eyes. He tends to dress is shades of green and brown, clothes that would look more at home in a forest than in the desolate planes of Shadow where he currently resides.

Smells like chemicals that you might find in an alchemical lab.


Found travelling with a group of human traders outside of the temple to Glittergloom on the Plane of Shadows, he might not be exactly what he appears to be. He deals in herbalism and alchemy supplies, but has little interest in trading for monetary means. He has taken a special interest in Vyth Levethix and Thea, and warned Vyth against the danger of entering the town. In exchange for some “baubles”, he has agreed to show Vyth an alternate way into the temple system since he thinks that they may have some “common interests”.


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