Elaborate Bastard Sword

weapon (melee)

This +1 Bastard Sword is an intelligent item, with a strong loathing for evil dragon’s. It can detect the presence of Evil Dragons at a range of 120 feet, indicated by a glowing blue aura that emits from the blade. In addition the sword is always watchful and ready for battle, and has the poised description; granting its wielder a +2 to initiative.

it is rumored to have even more powers than these, but the sword seems to have waned in much the same way as magic.


It is said that Caluan’Turace was forged from the bones of a black dragon, yet its jet black blade is cold like iron. Its hilt depicts a silver dragon in flight, an homage to the silver dragon who infused his own life force into the blade to continue his fight against the evil dragon’s for all eternity.

Caluan’Turace was gifted to the Orn Vaecaesin, who’s rulers wielded it for generations. it was a symbol for all that they stood for and a reminder that the Orn Vaecaesin were a sword to be wielded by Bahamut just as they wielded Caluan’Turace.

Caluan’Turace is one fo the few treasures of the Orn Vaecaesin that was not locked with in the walls of Verthica Okarthel.


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