Chaos Flame

This brazier burns with the brilliance of the sun


This brazier suspends from a chain attached to a ring. The flame of which produces light as in the Daylight spell, as well as aiding any arcane caster in possession this item. Although as the name implies it is hardly reliable in the aid that it gives.

When casting an arcane spell through the item roll 1d4, the result of which determines which of four possible mete-magic feats that will be applied to the spell, without having to expend a higher level spell slot normally required to use meta-magic feats.

1 – Enlarge Spell (PH 94)

2 – Extend Spell (PH 94)

3 – Silent Spell (PH 100)

4 – Still Spell (PH 101)


Found by Vyth Levethix in the Hoard of Content Not Found: Ember a female red dragon the party had slain shortly thereafter. Little is known about this item other than its name and its unreliable at best aid. Although it has been more than handy as an unending source of light.

Although it is rumored that this piece is part of a set of three items created by the Archmage Winfurtinger. It is also believed that if all three items are brought together than their combined power is greatly than any one singular piece.

Chaos Flame

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