Ktee-seianlowanlyssaa Osear

a hollowed out black dragon's horn

musical instrument

Ktee-seianlowanlyssaa Osear
AKA: The Martyr’s Horn

A greathorn fashioned from the horn of a black dragon by the followers of Bahamut to gain his attention in a time of crisis.

Lore: The Martyr’s Horn was designed to protect the followers of the Great Father Bahamut, but it was created with one fatal flaw. The horn seems to sap the life essence of anybody who blow it. Though it performs its created purpose and summons an Aspect of Bahamut to fight at the hero’s side, the triumph of the user is extremely short lived. The longest that an adventurer has ever lived after blowing the Martyr’s Horn was a scant 24 days, which each passing day the blower of the Horn of the Martyr becomes weaker and weaker until one morning they do not wake up at all.

Description: The Martyr’s Horn is an eight foot long sinuous black instrument fashioned to be carried across an adventurer’s back with a tough leather strap. There is an inscription carved into one side which can only be seen by somebody of Draconic heritage, it merely says in very old Draconic: “The great death is a purposeful death”.

Effect: Only individuals with draconic blood (Dragons, dragon descended, or dragonblooded) can safety carry The Martyr’s Horn, those without the Draconic subtype suffer a -1 level penalty for as long as they have the horn in their possession. Those with Draconic blood who carry the Martyr’s Horn feel the strength of purpose coarse threw them, providing them with courage and stability. The receive a +2 bonus on all Initiative checks as well as a +2 Skill Bonus on all skill checks made to accomplish a goal set before them by Bahamut or the church of Bahamut.

Additionally, they bearer of the Martyr’s Horn may blow the horn as a standard action to gain the direct attention of the draconic god Bahamut in a time of great need. Though it is said that Bahamut may refuse to lend aid, nobody who has ever blown the horn has been refused. In the immediate round following the blowing of the horn, an Aspect of Bahamut appears to fight by the hero’s side, attacking any evil who opposes them. The Aspect remains until the battle is through or it has been felled.

On the morning following the blowing of the Martyr’s Horn, the horn blower awakens to find themselves weaker than they were the day beforehand. Each day they awaken to suffer one permanent Constitution damage until they fall dead of the strain of the horn drawing constantly upon their life essence. It is said that upon death, the hero is transported directly to the plane of Celestia where they are greeted by Bahamut himself, and allowed to dine with him at the hall of heroes. Many say that in a time of great need, the cost is worth it.

Still, there are stories of heroes that have died after sounding the Martyr’s Horn, only to rise again the next morning as a living spectacle of the miracles of Bahamut himself. Any hero which dies with an uncompleted task set before them by Bahamut himself finds himself or herself resurrected as a Risen Martyr until such point as their task is through.

Aura/Caster Level: Strong Conjuration, level 20th

Weight: 5 lb.


Ktee-seianlowanlyssaa Osear

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