Tag: Mythology


  • Orn Vaecaesin

    *History:* During the last Dragon War Silver Dragons interbred with their elven servants. In part due to the typical silver dragon tendencies, but also to create a fighting force to help battle the minions of [[:Tiamut]]. Over generations of careful …

  • Mythology

    When the Old Ones created Dragons, a fissure was created in the magical weave of existence. What was one became two, and what was two became four, and then seven, and then hundreds. Beings sprouted into existence that had not been created by the Old …

  • The Dark Mother

    Lesser Deity
    Symbol: The Spotted Leopard
    Home Plane: unknown
    Alignment: Chaotic Good
    Portfolio: Cats, vengeance, protection, punishment
    Worshipers: mothers, defenders, fighters, barbarians, dark elves, gholien, orphans
    Cleric …

  • The Fall of Tiamut

    In the beginning, there were the Old Gods. Among them was Io, the great Dragon. He was lonely, as none of the other Old Gods could fly among the great winds like he could, so he created another in his image. The Dragon was the most beautiful thing that …

  • Xycanthum

    the gold dragon love interest of [[:Clymestria]], of which many legends speak. It is said that he was ostracized by his kind for his love of a silver dragon, still he arose to fight valiantly at the side of all good dragons during the great war. It …

  • Tiamut

    From dragon legend, the evil sister of the dragon God Bahamut and creator of all evil dragons and subsequently all other evil elven races upon the world.

  • Bahamut

    From dragon legend, Bahamut is known to be a the good brother of the evil dragon goddess [[:Tiamut]]. It is believed that he created all of the good dragons and subsequently the pure elven races that followed. Until recently it was believed that …