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  • The Dark Mother

    Lesser Deity
    Symbol: The Spotted Leopard
    Home Plane: unknown
    Alignment: Chaotic Good
    Portfolio: Cats, vengeance, protection, punishment
    Worshipers: mothers, defenders, fighters, barbarians, dark elves, gholien, orphans
    Cleric …

  • The Winds

    It is unclear how many winds there are, but the Winds as a whole seem to have deific powers. These powers appear to be somewhat muted on the Plane of Shadow however. There is a Temple dedicated to The Winds in the sewers under [[the city]], but [[:Kaine …

  • Tiamut

    From dragon legend, the evil sister of the dragon God Bahamut and creator of all evil dragons and subsequently all other evil elven races upon the world.

  • Bahamut

    From dragon legend, Bahamut is known to be a the good brother of the evil dragon goddess [[:Tiamut]]. It is believed that he created all of the good dragons and subsequently the pure elven races that followed. Until recently it was believed that …