Character Creation

Human, Elf (wild, Sylvan, draconic or city), Half Elven (any), Orc (city or shamanistic), Half Orc (any), Dwarf (any), Half Dragon (any with permission of GM), Drow (dark elf), Draconic Drow, Monstrous (with permission of GM), Dragonborn (with permission of GM, see Races of Dragon sourcebook), Orn Vaecaesin, Gholien, Skhizein Phren, Dragonborn

Fighter (any), Cleric (Drow, Draconic Drow, Half Dragon or Monstrous Only – see diety list below), Divine Soul (see deity choices), Monk, Rogue, Ranger, Paladin (see deity choices), Sorcerer, Wizard (Drow, Draconic Drow only), Spirit Shaman (Sylvan, Orc only), Noble, Bard, Barbarian, Swashbuckler, Warlock (Orc, Draconic Dow only), Druid (Sylvan, wild, dranonic elf or half dragon only), Warmage (Tai’Granal background or Drow, Drow Dragon only), Urban Druid

Race/Class Restrictions
Orc – spirit shaman, druid, warlock, fighter, ranger and barbarian only
Non-Spontaneous Spell casting – Drow and Draconic Drow only, Tai’Granal background
Spellcasting – decended from either dragons or elves, with the exception of warlocks, spirit shaman and divine casters
Gholien – Tai’Granal background only

Tiamut the “Burninator” (see also: She Who Will Not be Named”)
The Dark Mother
Any Draconic God with permission of GM (see Draconomicon)
Local minor gods/goddesses of a small sea, of a forest, of Cliffside

Dragon Isle – the “real world” (material plane 1), home of “The City” on an island on a small inland sea
Orcs, jungle – only known intact “tribe” on the north of the island, they worship the elements (including the void) and the jungle cat Ku’Kin
Wild Elves, Jungle – perhaps remnants of a Sylvan population that once lived on the isle, they live in hamlets and thorpes, and forget how to talk to others who are not animals or plants
City Folk – the city is a metropolitan adventure’s hub and part of a major trade route. Its regular inhabitants are primarily human, but it will cater to any adventurer who will pay, and the seedier districts have quite a mix of indigenous races.

Tai’Granal – the “mirror world” (material plane 2) on the other side of the portal, it’s the city’s trade connection to the other realms, ruled by the Queen Maure and her three children, Drake, Lily and Jade.
City Folk – mostly dark elves and Gholien, but its an adventuring city hub to the realms, much like the City and almost anything could be found there
Country Folk – dwarves, drow, dark elves, orcs, half dragons, mostly nomadic and desert travelling

Wyrmshadows – the city that isn’t? Sometimes present in Tai’Granal and sometimes in the realm of Shadows, Wyrmshadows is a city plagued by mystery. A dark man eating fog roams its streets in the dead of night, and its past threatens to rip it asunder. The population in it is mostly Draconic Drow, Drow Dragons, and Half Dragons with a lesser Elven, Half Elven and human population. Pure humans are slaves in Wyrmshadows.

The Plain of Shadows Drow, Draconic Drow, Drow Dragons, Dragons and other monsters seem to rule this place.

Character Creation

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