A race seemingly as old as the elves themselves, nobody knows the exact origins of the Gholien race. Many believe that The Dark Mother, jealous of the attentions that her brothers and sisters were getting for their roles in the creation of the “lesser races”, created the Gholien in her general likeness.

A proud somewhat feral race, the Gholien have never been known for organization, and their civilizations have been fragmented at best. It is believed that they commissioned the great stonemason dwarves to carve their city of Tai’Granal out of an onyx cliff and the drow, feeling slighted, did the same, creating the city of Wyrmshadows.

Today the Gholien remain a scattered race, living mostly among dark elves, humans and dwarves. Their one claim to greatness remains the city of Tai’Granal, and their somewhat exclusive connection to their goddess The Dark Mother.

Physical Description

Gholien are somewhat shorter than the elves, ranging from about 5’2 to 6’. They have an angularity of feature and pointed ears that is reminiscent of their supposed elven heritage, but have a marked cat-like grace to their movements that even the elves cannot match. Most are dark hair and extremely pale skinned which angular cat eyes ranging in color from golden to green and blue. They have a lifespan similar to their elven counterparts, though some can live upwards of 1000 years.


Gholiens are by nature somewhat shy and reclusive, except when they wish to be seen. They get along well with the elven races, especially the wild elves, but revile the dark elves for their evil natures. They respect the dwarves for the stone cutting abilities which have served the Gholien so well in the past, but are perplexed by their fixed nature. Gholiens seem to show a chaotic bend by nature, so they tend to be uncomfortable around extremely lawful classes such as paladins and monks.


The Gholien are by nature chaotic, and most show an inclination towards being kind hearted and caring like their goddess The Dark Mother.

Gholien Lands

The Gholien call the dark plane of Tai’Granal home. Many live in small settlements throughout the continent, often intermingling with Desert Elves or Wild Elves, the rest reside primarily in the city which gives the land its name. Due to their low light restrictions and reclusiveness, Gholien that venture onto other planes generally return home before too long.


Almost all Gholien worship The Dark Mother as the deity which gave birth to their race. Full moons (of which there are three a month on Tai’Granal) are a time for great celebration among the Gholien community, which almost all participate.


The Gholien speak the language of Tai’Granal, a version of Undercommon.


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