Plane of Shadows

A tertiary plane, accessible most easily from the south eastern edge of Tai’Granal where the city of Wyrmshadows sits of the edge of a vast nothingness. It is said that its planes reflect that of other more “true” realms, though a hollow representative of what something should have been. It is said to be the only connecting plane to Nifflheim.

Many creatures call the Plane of Shadow home. There are said to be vast cities made up entirely of Dark Elves, Drow Dragons and Orcs alike. There are even said to be cities full of medusas. Because the plane of shadow reflects all worlds, and all possible words, it is said that the Plane of Shadows just stretches on forever with no endings. Not all of these places are, of course, suitable for human survival in any longer term sense, and some of them not suitable for human passage. Getting from point A to point B in the plane of shadows is difficult is you do not have a guide, and even then, sometimes it is nigh impossible. Travelling parties regularly disappear into the planes roving mists and are never seen again.

Places that used to be more real, or were just more real on another plane, exist here; performing mimicries of what they should have been.

Many believe that the Plane of Shadows is home to the shadow dragon cults and their draconic leader, glittergloom.

Plane of Shadows

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