Also known as the land of darkness, Tai’Granal is the closest plane to the true realm. It can be accessed from an obsidian cave a mere weeks walk from The City, and trade flourishes between the two nations.

Tai’Granal is the name both of the realm of night on the other side of the portal, and the great obsidian city within it. The city of Tai’Granal, much like its neighbor is an adventuring hub and major trade point to the outer planes and other dimensions. It is ruled by a queen Queen Maure and her three mortal children Drake, Lily and Jade.

With no natural source of sunlight, little grows in Tai’Granal and the lands itself are mostly barren deserts and shadow marshes with the occasional mushroom farm. The subterranean races find themselves quite at home in the natural darkness, but most human and elven settlements are small and close to the city hub.

Points of Attraction

Tai’Granal City, Wyrmshadows, Zanglemarsh


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