The City

A small port city on Dragon Isle. It is set into a cliff face.

An adventuring hub, it serves as a trade point between the Day World and Tai’Granal, the city of eternal night.

Though it holds some esteem in the eyes of adventures looking to travel the portal through to the worlds beyond, the true fascination of The City is in its history during the dragon wars.

It is said that this city was the head of a great draconic empire in which humans and the metallic dragons lived in complete harmony with one another. The last known ruler of The City in the time of the great empire was Xycanthum, a gold dragon spoken of in many of the greatest stories and legends. Though today in Dragon Isle he is often spoken of as having been a human king, the historians all speak of his true origins.

Today, The City sits still though the rest of the island it sits upon has fallen into ruins and been overgrown by dense, lush jungle. It is believed that at some point during the Dragon Wars, a great host of elemental mages created wards upon the city so that throughout time, it would remained unharmed by all that sought to destroy it, whether it be weather or evil dragons alike. The sun shines of The City on every day of the year, and it remains untouched year after year by the raging hurricanes that batter the seas around it.

Much of the the city is set into the cliff itself, and a community of squatters dwell in the sewers below the city.

That being said, the residents of The City were seriously disturbed to find themselves come under attack by a ferocious red dragon that had taken up residence in the nearby volcanic crater. Could it be after all this time that the wards that have protected the city for so long are failing? And if so, why?

The City

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