The Fall of Tiamut

In the beginning, there were the Old Gods. Among them was Io, the great Dragon. He was lonely, as none of the other Old Gods could fly among the great winds like he could, so he created another in his image. The Dragon was the most beautiful thing that was ever created, and Io named his creation Vorell. Soon though, Io began to understand that though Vorell was beautiful, he was quite simple of mind, and not a very good companion for the Draconic God himself.

Io had an idea – perhaps if he created two dragons, their strengths and weakness would compliment each other. So he created one, the male, to have an innate understanding of all that was good in the world, and he named his Bahamut. The female, he created to have innate understanding of all that was evil in the world, and he named her Tiamut. His plans were to raise Bahamut and Tiamut as brother and sister so that they could learn and grow with the knowledge that the other one had, and one day mate and create all of Dragonkind.

Io misjudges though, the two wyrmlings were so different from one another that they could not understand the other’s view point at all. Bahamut thought only of goodness, and tried to prove himself to his father Io through his good deeds and righteousness – Taimut, on the other hand, though only of evil and crafty plans to get her Father’s attention. She quickly became jealous of Io’s attention towards Bahamut, never understanding that their father loved the twins equally.

Tiamut hatched a plan to bring disfavor to her brother. While Io and Bahamut slept, she killed Vorel and spread his blood all over her Bahamut so that he might take the blame. Though Io was heartbroken that his firstborn was slain, he was smarter than Tiamut supposed and immediately thought that there must be something else going on, especially when honest Bahamut professed his innocence. When he finally uncovered that it was his daughter that had slain Vorel, he realized the error of his ways.

Though he loved Tiamut as a father must always love his daughter, he could no longer bear the sight of her and the reminder of what she had done. He banished her from his presence, though she was still a young wrymling, she would have to learn and grow on her own. Tiamut swore revenge that day on her father Io and her brother, Bahamut. No longer was she a friend of dragons, in her heart, she worked only for their eventual downfall.

It is said that on that day, Io lost all of his firstborn children. Vorell he lost to his daughters talons, Tiamut he lost to evil. It is said though, that he lost Bahamut as well. Bahamut heard through the swirls of wind the cries of revenge of his evil twin, for they were one as much as they were two. And so Bahamut swore to protect what his sister sought to kill, and so it is the Bahamut became the protector of all dragonkind.

The Fall of Tiamut

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