A city that seems to span the mists between the world of darkness (Tai’Granal) and the Plane of Shadows. It is said that sometimes parts of it reside in Tai’Granal, and sometimes it cannot be found at all.

As a result of its tenuous ties with the tangible world, many of its residents have found themselves tainted by the Shadow Realm. Drow Dragons, half dragons and Draconic Drow are found in ready supply in Wyrmshadows, and in fact, a lack of elven or draconic blood at all is seen to make you inferior to the other races. Humans are little more than slaves in Wyrmshadows, and elves without draconic blood are treated little better. Dwarves and the other subterranean races are treated with begrudged respect, but little true regard.

The city of Wyrmshadows has strict laws, and rightfully so. Most are in place to protect its residents from the strange occurrences that happen as it shifts into and out of the Plane of Shadows. Scholars surmise that the shifting of the city is much like that of the tides, in that it is somehow effected by the land of Tai’Granal’s three moons. In any case, Wyrmshadows is haunted by a clinging deadly mist that creeps along its streets in the darkest hours, devouring all life that it touches.

The Mists

Connected somehow to the Plane of Shadows: A tertiary plane, accessible most easily from the south eastern edge of Tai’Granal where the city of Wyrmshadows sits of the edge of a vast nothingness. The howling abyss did little more than blow, until it was truly outside. Then, it became a maelstrom.

At this time and this time only, parts of Wyrmshadows moved into the Plane of Shadows, and some of it returned to the plane of Tai’Granal. There is no particular hazzard or danger in being in Wyrmshadows when it is on the plane of Shadows or Tai’Granal; but there is some inherent in the time phasing in between. A great hungry fog sweeps the city, devouring everything it reaches. People who think that the rule system in Wyrmshadows is too strict, hasn’t seen the mists.


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